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A note from Matthew

Matthew Wolfson Attorney

I am a criminal defence lawyer whose main areas of practice include sexual offences, domestic assaults, and impaired driving (a.k.a. "DUI").  I have obtained numerous acquittals for clients at trial. I have also helped clients achieve successful outcomes at appeals, sentencing hearings, fitness hearings, and bail hearings.


I am Partner at David Anber's Law Office. My office is located downtown Ottawa and I practice throughout the East Region of Ontario. I also take cases in other regions of Ontario and Canada.


Prior to joining the defence bar and being licenced with the Law Society of Ontario in 2016, I completed my articles with the Office of the Crown Attorney under the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney general.  Ultimately, I decided that my role in the justice system would be to offer a lifeline to those most desperate for legal protection and mercy - the criminally accused.


Whenever hired for a case, my first step is to ask the client about his/her priorities.  I ask "what is most important to you? Is it staying out of jail?  Is it being able to keep driving?  Is it about keeping a job?  Is it about travelling to the United States?  Or is it about protecting your name?  Once I have the answer to these questions, I can diagnose the file as a trial case or a resolution case.


For trial cases, I dig for helpful evidence not yet discovered by the prosecution.  That is the lifeblood of a successful defence at trial.  


For resolution cases, I learn the most impressive, sympathetic, and redeeming aspects of clients' backgrounds.  Doing so can truly soften the blow of a sentence. 


Whether for a trial or a resolution, I zealously advocate for my clients and always have my sights set on the best outcome possible.  I do so because I care about my clients, but I also believe in the rule of law.  


Our criminal justice system cannot function without defence lawyers working hard to get the best outcomes possible for their clients.  Through this work, convictions are more likely based on fair procedures, sentences are more likely applied with restraint, and the innocent are more likely acquitted.

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